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In addition to investor education seminars and software tools, Compound Stock Earnings provides a subscription Platinum Service for each of CSE’s rules-based techniques. The Credit Spread / SSH Platinum Service is run by Ray Gliwa and Bill McLaughlin.

The evolutionary aspect of the CS / SSH Platinum Service over the past several years has been amazing. The SSH technique has evolved from simply a hedging management technique into its own stand-alone, income-generating technique. Possibly the best feature of trading the various CS/SSH Techniques is that they are non-directional trades, meaning there are significant profit opportunities whether the market moves up or moves down.

Here is a list of the many different types of trades that you will learn about and trade within the CS / SSH Platinum Selections Service:

  • Straddles
  • Strangles
  • Debit Spreads
  • Credit Spreads
  • “5-0” Technique
  • Calendar Spreads
  • Earnings-Based SSH

These many techniques allow CS / SSH Platinum Selection Service subscribers the flexibility to profitably trade during any market conditions.

CS / SSH Platinum Selection Service offers subscribers a weekly Webinar at 11am Central time each Monday morning where Bill and Ray review the previous week’s trades and also assess possible trades for the coming week. These positions are analyzed during live market hours with thorough explanations of which positions may be suitable to trade. In the event you are unable to attend the webinar live, each webinar is recorded and available via archive so that you can view each week’s session at your convenience.

Email alerts are sent throughout the week anytime Bill and Ray are about to place new trades in their accounts, so if you simply wish to mimic their trades you can earn as you learn. Once these trades are filled to open, you will receive follow up email alerts as they manage each individual trade through its final close out.

CS / SSH Platinum Selection Service trades approximately 1 to 3 trades per week, so this service is excellent for CSE clients who prefer to utilize no more than 15 minutes per day working on their trading business. These trades typically allocate no more than 15%-20% of the trading account per trade, so capital preservation is also strongly emphasized with this service. By utilizing proper knowledge and management techniques, subscribers can experience significant account growth while limiting capital risk on their overall accounts.


  • Provides an unprecedented level of Credit Spread / Strangle, Straddle, Hedge (SSH) education
  • Rules-based system for analyzing, entering, managing and exiting positions
  • Non-directional, so profits can be made when the market is going up or down
  • Email and smartphone alerts of all trades being made by instructors in their own accounts
  • Average 1 to 3 trades per week
  • Weekly live Webinar during market hours

Subscribers of this service receive...

  • Email and smartphone alerts with actual trade selection (including strike price, expiration, execution price and portfolio allocation) that we are executing in our own accounts.
  • Follow-up emails if any subsequent management moves are needed on open positions.
  • Attendance at weekly webinars hosted each Monday at 11:00am CT. These webinars provide the logic and rules behind selected trades and any management moves and are integral to clients learning the practical application of the techniques.
  • Email support for any questions on the service or selected positions.
  • Free attendance to the 2-Day Credit Spreads / SSH Seminar
  • Free access to the CSE Credit Spread Toolbox, including:
    • Stock Credit Spread Screener
    • ETF Credit Spread Screener
    • Index Credit Spread Screener
    • Probability Calculator
    • Option Chain
SSH Platinum Service – Making Money From Volatility

Most investors fear quick market moves. Up then down then down some more, then up again. In the SSH Platinum Service, you’ll learn how to harness volatility for your own benefit. You’ll learn from weekly webinars and daily email alerts. You’ll learn to learn to love stock market volatility. Bring on those big moves!

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